Monday, March 21, 2005

Boston Envious of Cincinnati

From The Boston Globe:
CINCINNATI -- Jean-Robert de Cavel, French born, French trained, and seasoned by seven years as chef de cuisine at Le Regence in New York, thought long and hard before taking a job at a five-star Cincinnati restaurant. When he did, he figured he'd spend three years, five tops, and then make his way back to civilization in New York.

A dozen years later, de Cavel is still here, a successful restaurateur who has opened three restaurants in three years, with a fourth on the way.

''There's something about this place," said de Cavel, 43. ''It starts as a destination for a job, and then Cincinnati becomes your home."

De Cavel is one in a long line of people who planned short stopovers in this Midwestern city and ended up staying -- a line reaching back to an English candle maker named William Procter, whose respite from a westbound riverboat eventually led to a partnership with an Irish soap maker, James Gamble. For the better part of two centuries, Cincinnati has won the affections of entrepreneurs and executives with its small-town friendliness, big-city attractions, and central location, convincing them not only to stay, but to keep their companies here, too.
Interesting article, you don't see much envy of the Midwest from the East Coast.