Monday, February 21, 2005

Time Magazine on Springer

From Time:
Now that he has set his sights on the Governor's mansion, Springer seems to have embarked on an image makeover. For years, Democratic leaders have urged him to start a radio talk show and distance himself from his TV persona. Springer did just that a month ago. For three hours a day, five days a week, on Cincinnati's WCKY-AM, Springer is talking about the object of his renewed passion: politics. "Republicans get elected on cultural issues," Springer says. "But if they ran on tax cuts for the wealthy or the end of Social Security, which is what they actually stand for, they'd lose."

Just about the only subject Springer avoids these days is his own political plans, though he sounds like a man who is spoiling for a fight. "Unless Democrats start redefining the debate," he says, "it doesn't much matter who runs because they'll continue to lose."
If Springer runs, I'm there. I might be hopelessly naive, but I think the guy could win. He's a very capable politician, and I think he's being wildly underestimated right now. That's not a bad position for Jerry, as I think he's shown before that he thrives as an underdog.