Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Taft, Taxes, and Medicaid

Gov. Bob Taft laid out a five-year tax package Tuesday that would lower income taxes for Ohio workers by 21 percent and "unleash Ohio's economic potential."

But that package also includes higher taxes on cigarettes and alcohol and keeping part of a sales-tax increase that is supposed to expire June 30.
Thursday, Taft will unveil exactly how he'll mesh that plan with his new two-year budget of about $50 billion. The budget will include significant cuts to Medicaid - the health insurance program for the poor, disabled and elderly - and no increases for many agencies as Taft overcomes a paper deficit of more than $4 billion.
FOUR BILLION DOLLARS. And he wants to cut taxes. How about raising taxes while cutting programs Bob? How about fixing school funding Bob? Even Republicans hate you Bob.

Bob Taft and the Republican party want to cut taxes in Ohio while simultaneously slashing Medicaid. Surely the Democratic party can pound that message next year. Medicaid isn't exactly an unpopular program, so you'd think we could make some inroads here.