Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Republican BlogAd Scammers

I've been blogging about the Cincinnati Reds for a couple of years now, and I just recently moved sites from Reds Daily to Red Reporter. I've joined the SportsBLOGS company founded by Kos and Athletics Nation. It is a for profit company and the goal is to make money through BlogAds, the ads you see at many of the higher profile political sites (as well as other sites, but especially prominently at political ones).

So I was looking at BlogAds today to see what it has listed as Red Reporter's traffic. I believe BlogAds pulls its traffic numbers from the Script they have you put on your site.

For quite awhile in the Sports section of BlogAds this site, this site, and this site were the three most trafficked sites.

Not today.

Today these sites were the highest:

Final Four Blog
Atlanta Braves Blog
Dallas Cowboys Blog

Now as I mentioned earlier I'm relatively knowledgable about baseball and sports blogging. I know the bigger Atlanta Braves bloggers, and it's just flat out not possible that I wouldn't have heard of a Braves blog that received more traffic than any other baseball blog listed at BlogAds. There are some pretty high trafficked blogs that have been leap frogged here.

I visited the above blogs and all three are pretty much just press releases with, at best, a small amount of commentary. All three have the same authors, a James, and on the Cowboys blog, a Steven.

Who are these guys?

James is the owner of Celebrity Buzz, what seems to be a conservative celebrity gossip blog. He also operates Outside the Beltway, a conservative political blog.

And Steven is the owner of PoliBlog, another conservative site that gets a great deal of traffic.

The funny thing in all of this is that Steven has the Dallas Cowboys Script on PoliBlog. He's scamming the system, so that potential advertisers think the Cowboys blog is receiving a ton of traffic, when it's really his political blog that people are visiting.

And James has all of the scripts running at Celebrity Buzz, his blog scripts, his OTB scripts, doing the same thing.

I'm not sure if there are rules against doing this with BlogAds, but I'm also not sure that the company currently advertising on would be happy to know that they're advertising on a shitty blog with no traffic.

Is this another case of conservative values in action?