Tuesday, February 22, 2005

New Minuteman

Intent on securing the vulnerable Arizona border from illegal immigrant crossings, U.S. officials are bracing for what they call a potential new threat this spring: the Minutemen.

Nearly 500 volunteers have already joined the Minuteman Project, anointing themselves civilian border patrol agents determined to stop the immigration flow that routinely, and easily, seeps past federal authorities. They plan to patrol a 40-mile stretch of the southeast Arizona border throughout April when the tide of immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border peaks.

"I felt the only way to get something done was to do it yourself," said Jim Gilchrist, a retired accountant and decorated Vietnam War veteran who is helping recruit Minutemen across the country.
Maybe these people should, I don't know, get a fucking life.

Other sources reported that Gilchrist's wife came up with the name for the group based on her personal experiences with her husband. /too easy?

Isn't vigilantism illegal? Wouldn't this qualify? I'd personally rather share a country with undocumented Mexican immigrants than these jackasses.