Thursday, February 24, 2005

Koufax Awards

I've spent a large part of the morning reading the Koufax Award Winners and discovering new blogs and reading great writing. Here are some of the terrific things I've read this morning:

Al Gore and the Alpha Girls by Jim Capozzola. Made all the more relevant by the fact that I saw this just last night.

Just Go by Riverbend. I remember reading this when she wrote it and wanting to cry. She does that to me alot.

If America Were Iraq, What Would it be Like? by Juan Cole.

The Rise of Pseudo-Fascism by Orcinus.

Crooked Timber a philosophical group blog.

Fafblog a brilliant humor blog:
Don't believe their filthy lies. Giblets saw the Good Doctor with his own two eyes just a few hours ago, heading north in the White Whale. He said he was headed up to heaven to shoot God. "The great bastard's in season and it's long overdue," the Godfather of Gonzo said as he dusted off his elephant gun. "I have full reason to believe they will award me both the head and the tail. Expect me back by the apocalypse." Good hunting, Doctor Thompson. You'll be missed.
Not many people could have pulled that off.

If only Kerry had listened ...

Poker with Dick Cheney. Brilliant.

Very good stuff, and great reading. I'll probably be adding a few new bloggers to my links.