Thursday, February 17, 2005

Good God People are Stupid

Doing some searching on Wal-Mart earlier and I came across this:
All I have to say is Congrats. We all knew this would happen, even before they had their union vote. As sorry as I am to see all those people lose their jobs, they voted for a union and thus must deal with the consequences.
I have worked for the company for almost 10 years and honestly see no need for a union
And some of the comments:
O_o I cant believe any store MADE it far enough like that to have a union. WHY is my question? Were they brainwashed? The concept is way outdated as it is, and Ive seen unions hear tear many things and people apart. People I guess get promised higher wages... so they can pay more in unions dues.

Personally, Im glad to see this. As hurtful as that is, they brought it upon themselves by voting on a union. Walmart needs to stand firm in its policies, like this, and show unions wont be tolerated. Otherwise otehrs might get ideas and it would have all down downhill form there. I just hope the other store mentioned in that article gets the same treatment.
As far as Unions go, "Wal-Mart is not Anti-Union, it is Pro-Associate."

I couldn't agree with that more whole-heartedly! Never have I seen a reason for a Union. Never have I needed more or less hours and not have a manager work with me on it. If I want more pay, I work for it or get promoted. It's a truly wonderful setup!
The way that Wal-Mart works, it doesn't need a union. They haven't made us think that unions are bad, not at all.

Unions are great, but in the right places. Wal-Mart is not the right place for a union. I'm a full-time employee with a Northern Ontario store and things run just fine without one. I get plenty of hours (always my guaranteed 28 hrs and more) and there are always chances for more if I want them.
I really enjoy my job, and i dont wanta union coming in and stealing my money
How can we even deal with people so misinformed? Education? I really feel for union organizers, they've got a damn tough job. Billion dollar corporations with essentially unlimited resources to brainwash their employees vs. a union with nothing but union dues to try to organize.

I've worked my fair share of menial shit jobs in the past five years, and I've worked at a couple that played the anti-Union video during orientation. Biggs, a grocery store chain in Cincinnati, and Blockbuster. They were so over the top as to be ridiculous and yet people seemed to eat it up. I really don't know what to do about people who are so willing to believe whatever their employer tells them, regardless of the inherent conflict of interests. It's almost surreal.