Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Gannon Selling Domains

He sure seems to hate all this attention, doesn't he?
Four domain names that are associated with the latest White House propaganda scandal have been placed on the market.

The adult domains are registered to Bedrock Corp, the corporation tied to James Guckert, who is the reporter accused of being a propaganda tool for the White House. They have been parked at Afternic, an online domain broker.

Guckert’s two escort domains, and, can be bought flat out for $7,500 each. The asking price for, his most popular domain in terms of traffic according to Afternic, doubles to $15,000.
Here are the links to the auctions:

Auction #1
Auction #2
Auction #3
Auction #4

Anything for a buck I guess. I'm sure we'll see a book before this is all over.