Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Shocking, really

You'd think it'd get old being right, but mostly it just breaks your heart.

There are already some interesting consequences of Ohio's Issue 1 (gay marriage ban) being passed.

Some attorneys are attempting to use Ohio's new gay marriage amendment to defend unmarried clients against domestic violence charges.

The constitutional amendment, which took effect on Dec. 1, denies legal status to unmarried couples.

In at least two cases last week, the Cuyahoga County public defender's office has asked a judge to dismiss domestic-violence charges against unmarried defendants, arguing that the charges violate the amendment by affording marriage-like legal status to unmarried victims who live with the people accused of attacking them.

The Cincinnati Enquirer took that and decided to use the headline "Gay clients challenge domestic violence charges" despite the fact that this refers to all unmarried couples, not just gay unmarried couples.

Where the hell were the conservative libertarians on this issue anyway? Or do they not exist anymore?