Monday, January 31, 2005

Ohio Academia

How long until we start hearing Ohio jokes, in the vein of Kentucky, West Virginia, Alabama, etc.?
(C) Faculty and instructors shall not infringe the academic freedom and quality of education of their students by persistently introducing controversial matter into the classroom or coursework that has no relation to their subject of study and that serves no legitimate pedagogical purpose.

The right wing's quest to make Ohio a backwater state is progressing nicely.
From Daily Kos:
[Senator Larry Mumper] is quoted in the Columbus Dispatch on 1/27/05 as saying that SB 24 is intended to shield the youth of Ohio from "liberal" professors, as "80% of them [i.e., professors or academics at Ohio universities] are Democrats, liberals or socialists or card-carrying communists" and so this bill is needed to protect "young minds that haven't had a chance to form their own opinions."

Let the cousin marryin' jokes begin.