Friday, January 07, 2005

First Post

This might seem like an odd time to make a political blog. The election is over, political frenzy is dying down (maybe?), and Ohio isn't the center of the universe any more.

But what the hell, I'm going to give it a shot anyway.

I'm a 23 year old college student who lives in Columbus, Ohio, a state that's probably a lot redder than it appears to the outside world. Apart from going to college I also coach high school cross country, high school guys tennis, and I also run a Cincinnati Reds website that you can find here.

I've lived in Ohio since I was four or five. Before that my parents were both in the military, and that caused me to be born in Texas (Ft. Hood) and also to spend some time in Germany. So I guess that makes me about as Texan as G.W.

Growing up my governor was George Voinovich, and my president was Ronald Reagan. What a frightening time. I didn't really pay attention to politics until the later Clinton years, when I was pretty deep into high school. My first exposure to political literature was P.J. O'Rourke, who I found appropriately enough in the humor section of my local library. Luckily I managed to avoid being corrupted. My best friend since my sophomore year of high school is a staunch conservative, and it's because of him that I try very hard to listen to the opposition's point of view. I still very rarely (never?) agree with it however.

My goal in this New Year is to become more political, and to create a platform to express my beliefs. This blog is my way of accomplishing that goal. It will primarily focus on Ohio politics, but it will also touch on politics in general.