Saturday, January 08, 2005

Cincinnati Enquirer - Setting Age Limits on Taser Use Not Necessary

File this one under you've got to be kidding me:

There's no need to set a new age limit on whom officers can subdue with electric stun guns if we believe most officers have common sense and good judgment.

City Council last week deadlocked 4-4 on whether to ban police use of Tasers on suspects under 11 years old.

This from the city that seems to use African Americans for target practice.

I spent quite a few summers working at a Salvation Army summer camp for inner city kids, and met quite a few screwed up kids along the way. More than a few were extremely violent.

And you'd be surprised at how big an 11 year old can be.

But I can't think of a situation where a child should ever have to be tasered.

Then again, Florida seems to disagree with me.

In the latest incident, an officer Tasered a 12-year-old girl accused of skipping school. The officer shocked the student after he said she tried to run away.

I keep thinking I've lost my ability to be shocked, and things keep proving me wrong.