Friday, January 28, 2005

And then ...

There were three:
One day after President Bush ordered his Cabinet secretaries to stop hiring commentators to help promote administration initiatives, and one day after the second high-profile conservative pundit was found to be on the federal payroll, a third embarrassing hire has emerged. Salon has confirmed that Michael McManus, a marriage advocate whose syndicated column, "Ethics & Religion," appears in 50 newspapers, was hired as a subcontractor by the Department of Health and Human Services to foster a Bush-approved marriage initiative. McManus championed the plan in his columns without disclosing to readers he was being paid to help it succeed.

Time and time again I've read that whatever Bush administration scandal is taking place is going to be "the one". The one to take down the entire lying, thieving, crooked bunch.

And every time Bush and his cronies have slipped away, using a pliable media and plausible deniability.

I think this one might be the one. Not a Watergate, I'm not sure the world works that way anymore. But a good scandal tends to have a snowball effect, and that's what we're seeing right now. A couple of things need to happen for this scandal to reach a boiling point.

We need a bigger name. Someone huge like Novak or a TV pundit.

And we need a direct link to the Bush White House.

We get those two things and we've got a lame duck president real quick. Every revealed name brings the above scenario a little closer.